New platforms make health education easy and interesting

New platforms make health education easy and interesting
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Why do doctors cover the operated patient with a green sheet, leaving only one hole for the surgery? Is Circumcision Necessary For Every Boy? Why does a newborn baby’s skin turn yellow?

Questions like these and others like them on other matters of concern are answered in various ways and in simple words by local health authorities.

Talk shows, cartoons, live events, dramas, videos and social media have become major vehicles and platforms for health authorities, hospitals and health professionals in Shanghai to promote health knowledge and eliminate misunderstandings and rumors regarding health care.

A cartoon showing children and parents how to prevent and control myopia won first prize in a recent national health education competition, in which 19 works from Shanghai were honored.

The cartoon, developed by Fudan University Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, promotes myopia knowledge through dinosaurs and uses simple, vivid words to say to children what types of habits are risk factors for myopia and how to protect their eyes.

The medical staff also turned the cartoon into a drama to play in schools and kindergartens while promoting health education in educational institutions.

Many doctors and nurses have also become wanghong, or Internet celebrity, through a talk show contest.

The final broadcast on Shanghai TV channel and online platforms over the weekend drew more than 500,000 viewers.

“This is the first medical staff talk show launched in the country. It is a very good measure to promote complex medical knowledge in such a simple and interesting way and encourages more professionals to get involved in the health education, “said Wang Tong of the Shanghai Health Commission, organizer of the talk show.

The Shanghai Health Commission has included health education participation and performance in the professional assessment system for medical personnel.

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