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My mother-in-law won’t stop fat shaming my 19 month old son

My mother-in-law won't stop fat shaming my 19 month old son
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A mum has taken to Mumsnet to complain after her stepmother repeatedly made shameful comments about her 19-month-old son.

The woman posted on the website Am I being unreasonable? forum as she explained: “Two weeks in a row, my MIL told my 19 month old son that he was going to get fat if he kept eating.


The woman complained after her stepmother shamed her 19-month-old sonCredit: Getty

“He’s not fat, far from it, but even if he was, I don’t think she should make such comments to someone at such a young age.”

She added that she “wants to ask” her mother-in-law to stop but is “not sure how it will go or if I am just being unreasonable”.

In the comments section, the majority of people agreed that the mother-in-law was being unreasonable in making such comments.

“My mom used to do things like this around my dd (dear daughter),” one person wrote.

“I nipped him in the bud and told him politely but firmly that such comments were unnecessary and to stop.”

Another person added: “It’s never too early to consider the effect of his words on a developing person.”

A third wrote: “That’s a ridiculous thing to say that has the potential to make a child totally anxious about eating.

“The next time she says it, I’ll say ‘Do you think he should stop eating millet altogether?’ I hope that will keep her quiet.”

And someone else nodded, “You have every right to ask him to stop saying that.

“She might say she’s joking, but at some point he’ll understand and it’s not a joke.”

The majority of reviewers agreed that such remarks would give the child feeding problems


The majority of reviewers agreed that such remarks would give the child feeding problemsCredit: Alamy

“You are not being unreasonable. Nip it in the bud now,” another person wrote, wrapping up the one-sided debate.

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