HC orders health official – Kashmir Reader

Srinagar: The High Court of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh on Wednesday ordered chief medical officer Ganderbal to have a minor rape victim immediately examined by a team of doctors and to make a decision on the termination of the unwanted pregnancy that the child carries on the base on the advice of the Council of Physicians.
The court requested the report on the case before December 29, 2021.
Judge Sanjeev Kumar at the plea hearing of a minor victim through her father requesting court intervention to order the respondents to medically terminate her 12 week old pregnancy.
Judge Kumar expressed her pain after recording that the minor was raped and this was only revealed after she underwent a medical examination.
As a result, FIR No. 219/2021 was registered under Articles 376 IPC and 3/4 of the Protection of Children Against Sexual Abuse Act (POSCO).
Since the minor’s pregnancy is unwanted and the Child Welfare Committee referred the same, Ganderbal to the Chief Medical Officer for doing the right thing.
However, the child’s father is aggrieved that since the case was referred on December 13, his child has yet to be considered by the commission.
Justice Kumar, when sending a notice to the respondents, ordered them to file their response in the case within four weeks.
However, Chief Medical Officer Ganderbal was ordered to immediately refer the child to the Medical Council for immediate examination and to make a decision regarding the termination of the unwanted pregnancy. The court closed the case on December 29.

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