Naughty 2-year-old shaves hair with dad’s beard trimmer, netizens ask mom to ‘save pics for his wedding day’

Otis Morgan

Otis Morgan | Image: Faith Morgan | Photo credit: Facebook


  • Two-year-old Otis Morgan shaved his hair with his dad’s beard trimmer
  • The mower had been left on charge outside the bathroom
  • Otis’ mom thought she should shave all her hair

Young children can be mischievous. A mother recently discovered that she shouldn’t leave her son alone with devices.

Two-year-old Otis Morgan managed to get his hands on his father’s beard trimmer and decided to use it on himself. When mum Faith was doing the laundry, the toddler decided to turn on the clippers which were left on charge outside the bathroom.

Otis managed to give his hair a unique cut – shaving off half of his head. He then went to his mother’s room where Faith noticed what had happened.

Otis' hair before his clipper disaster
(Image: Faith Morgan)

Faith said, “I had to laugh. I mean you choose to either laugh or cry in situations like that.”

She said: “He was playing with his sister’s unicorn toy which makes a buzzing noise when it spins so I didn’t even record the hum of the clippers. Having seen his dad shave his hair regularly he obviously decided to try them himself.”

The mum added: “He went back to my room and I saw he had hair on his sleeve. I honestly thought he was hugging our cat and I was surprised how much he was losing. But it didn’t take me long to realize there was way too much hair for it to be the cat!”

Faith continued, “Then I saw the damage he had done and asked him what had happened. I must admit I cried later at the thought that maybe we owed him shave all the hair off. Just because of how drastically different he would suddenly be!”

Faith posted photos of Otis’ DIY haircut to a parents’ group on Facebook and asked for styling tips.

One user said, “Definitely save these pics for her 18/21/wedding day.” Another wrote, “I’m sorry for laughing but this is hilarious. Bless him.”

A third user added, “I’m impressed he figured out how to use them! Well done little guy, you’re clearly a resourceful guy!” Yet another shared a similar experience: “I started laughing, my daughter shaved her eyebrows and cut her bangs, I thought his wife was going to die of a panic attack, I thought I was going to die because I couldn’t stop laughing.”

Otis with his newly shaved head
(Image: Faith Morgan)

Faith was relieved because she didn’t have to shave all her hair. “It won’t take long to grow back. It’s not too noticeable now and it’s something that makes people smile. He’s a cheeky monkey, so they’re used to his antics!” she said.

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