‘You know more than you think you do’: Parents share the best advice they got after welcoming their first child

"The advice I always give is that there are no perfect parents;  we all try to do our best!" (Westend61 / Getty Images)

“The advice I always give is that there are no perfect parents, we all try to do our best!” (Westend61 / Getty Images)

Welcoming your first child comes with a mix of emotions – feeling overwhelmed with how to approach caring for your newborn baby could be one of them.

And with many new parents unable to secure the support of loved ones thanks to the pandemic, the journey has become all the more difficult.

Thanks to the internet, however, there is a digital village more than willing to help, if only in the form of advice.

And who better to ask than those who have already walked the treacherous path of first parenthood and lived to tell the story?

We asked our readers to provide the best advice they received when they became parents, and it didn’t disappoint, providing both practical and insightful advice on how to approach parenthood first. time.

Here’s a look at what they said.

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Practical advice…

“Never breastfeed a baby lying on its side, sit up straight, support your back with a pillow, hold the baby so he is ready to breastfeed.”

“Never wake the baby to change his diaper”.

“Don’t leave anyone in your baby’s space until he’s grown enough.”

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Words to live …

“Do it YOUR way. And don’t compare the steps with other babies … all babies are different.”

“Be careful who you turn to for advice.”

“Trust your gut, you know more than you think. Plus my advice now: hold your baby as much as you want. It doesn’t spoil him but soothes him and builds his confidence!”

“The advice I always give is that there are no perfect parents, we all try to do our best!”

Always remember …

“Accept help! Letting someone else hold or feed your baby doesn’t make you a bad mother ”.

“You absolutely don’t have to take advantage of it every second; it’s 100% normal to love your baby, but you don’t like the current situation you find yourself in (sleep deprivation, emotional roller coaster, postpartum depression, etc) … that’s okay for wanting help, and it’s good to feel like you’re not a supermom. ”

“Shower this baby with love and take good care of yourself.”

What’s the best advice you’ve received as a first-time parent?


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