You Don’t Like Your Kid? Beware.

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As a parent, you have already experienced many conflicting emotions: love, kindness, protectiveness, frustration, anger, confusion, resentment, happiness, gratitude, pride, sadness, embarrassment, and on and on.

Especially if you had to go the extra mile to become a parent.

Maybe you were older, infertile, miscarried frequently, or were pressured by well-meaning friends or family. Maybe you went through IVF or had an abortion in the past or were a foster parent or adopted.

You know what it took to get to this point.

This is why the feeling of dislike, as socially unacceptable as it is for a parent, gets pushed aside, hidden, or denied. Or laughed away, if it comes up at all.

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I’m not talking about just irritation. Or even rage.

I’m talking about when you look at that one child and you just feel nothing. Not just that, but you actively dislike them. You feel guilty about it. You go through the motions, you do the right thing, but you don’t feel connected.

Perhaps you have other children, and they do feel like your kids. You run your hands through their hair or pull them in for a hug.

But that one child. Something just feels…off. There’s no tactile affection, no spiritual connection, and no easy-going back and forth.


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