Wish List: LeClaire mother needs new kitchen items, sofa | Local News

Wish List: LeClaire mother needs new kitchen items, sofa | Local News
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Reese moved to LeClaire from Chicago with her two daughters, Jada and Jessica, in 2017, and has been looking after her niece, Katie, since 2019. She is currently working on getting full custody of Katie.

With Jessica in her senior year of high school and working and Katie on the waiting list for daycare, Reese is constantly on the move. She drives Jessica to school and work and takes Katie with her whenever she needs to go somewhere, like medical appointments.

Jada is pregnant and will be born in July, so she needs maternity clothes. Reese also looked for a larger space to move into before the baby was born.

“I’m on the move from seven in the morning to around six, and I’m right in and out of the house, in and out of the house,” Reese said.

She was working at Genesis Health Systems after graduating from the Midwest Technical Institute with a medical assistant certificate in May 2020 alongside her eldest daughter, but the spread of arthritis in her back made her unable to work in December. 2021.

In addition to his responsibilities in the Quad-Cities, Reese travels frequently to Chicago to care for his mother. Her father passed away in June 2021 and Reese tried to find a way to move her mother to LeClaire, so they could be closer.


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