What Your Feet Can Tell You About Your Health

There’s no way to go about it. Feet are often neglected. We depend on them for nearly everything and beat on them almost every day, but rarely take the time to give them a treat. In reality, most of us don’t (if even) spend time focusing on our health. It’s really unfortunate because the state of your feet really can reveal a lot about the general condition and overall health of the body.

Today, we’ll look at what your feet are trying to reveal about your health and why it’s an excellent idea to pay attention to your feet.

– Numbness

Persistent numbness in your foot might be a cause to be a concern. It’s true that it’s possible to experience numbness and tingling when you lie in an unnatural posture or sit in one spot for a long. It’s not a cause for the issue but it is when you feel numb on a regular basis or when you’re in a physical.

The foot’s numbness is a sign of an insufficient flow of blood and could be an indication that you have type 2 diabetes or peripheral arterial disease. If you notice constant numbness or tingling in one or both feet seek out your doctor.

– Pain in the Morning

Achy feet early on a Monday is your body’s way of alerting you something’s wrong. Although, it may not be as clear of an alarm as the other symptoms that we have listed.

The pain in your feet that you feel early in the morning can be an indication of arthritis, plantar fasciitis, or muscle cramps caused due to dehydration or lack of nutrients.

– A Sore That Won’t Heal

The most obvious injuries and sores on feet are likely to be healed, or at a minimum start to heal in an acceptable amount of time. Sometimes, however feet lesions can take a considerable amount of period of time for healing.

If you’re experiencing this think about contacting your doctor right away. It could be something to be concerned about However, sometimes, foot ulcers that are difficult to heal could be an indication of diabetes and peripheral neuropathy.

– Hair Loss

Toes aren’t the only thing that can go completely bald, too. It’s fairly common for both men and women alike to display a hint of visible hair on their toes. It’s not a sign of something. It’s a concern if you notice that hair on your feet or your toes slowly or abruptly disappears.

The loss of hair on the toes is an indication of peripheral arterial disorder (PAD). PAD hinders the normal circulation of blood in the body and may increase the risk of having a heart attack or stroke if it is not treated.

– Discolored Toenails

It’s incredibly simple to recognize, even though colored toenails can be impossible to recognize. Toenails that are discolored can be a sign of repetitive injuries caused by repeated trauma. It can be an indication that you have psoriasis, nail fungus anemia, or Melanoma.

Foot melanoma is extremely dangerous, which is the reason why blaming your stained toenails as an effect of excessive use is not a good idea. Make sure you know the truth when you speak to your doctor. It could save your life.

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