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Viral Twitter Thread Reminds Us Why We Love Parenting

Viral Twitter Thread Reminds Us Why We Love Parenting
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The struggles of parenthood are real and valid, especially right now. And while it’s important to shine a light on the hard stuff to show parents they’re not alone, it’s equally vital to talk about all the good parts for the same reason. And a recent, viral Twitter thread accomplished just that.

Rose Stokes, a UK-based journalist, is a first-time pregnant mum. And like all of us the first time, she worries about what lies ahead. Recently, she took to Twitter to urge parents to share what they love about parenting, and the tweet quickly went viral.

“Without wanting to undermine the struggles of parenthood, which I know are huge, I’m getting a little anxious with a lot of people telling me how hard and difficult being a mother will be,” she tweeted. “As an antidote: Twitter parents, what do you love, big or small, about having kids? »

And oh, did the parents deliver. In one of the most beautiful Twitter threads this author has ever read, moms and dads showed up in droves to share all the heartfelt, funny, and loving reasons why they love parenting.

Just read some of these answers and try not to smile. Or cry. I defy you!

The thread clearly resonated with many parents, including yours truly. It’s exactly the kind of stuff we all need to read right now, not necessarily because we need a reminder of how much we love our children. But because it’s so good to think about all the parenting moments that feel good, isn’t it? And so many of those moments are universal — and all of those wonderful moments are the things we need to share with expectant parents, too.

Rose tells Motherly that she didn’t expect such an overwhelming response, but is so grateful for everyone’s stories.

“I was quite upset to be honest!” she says. “I felt pretty anxious and the response was so amazing and positive. It really gave my mental health a boost and I then sent it out to every pregnant/new mom or veteran mom I know. “

When you have children, times can be tough whether or not there is a global pandemic. And, as Rose said in her original tweet, all of those feelings are valid. But even though it’s hard to put into words what we love about our children and our roles as parents, we must try – for the Roses of the world, for our children and above all for ourselves.

“I’m sure there will be tough times,” she said. “But it’s important to know that these can co-exist with a lot of beauty and joy.”

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