Trace your little ones’ feet for the ultimate shoe shopping hack

Trace your little ones’ feet for the ultimate shoe shopping hack
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With this TikTok mom shoe shopping tip, you can easily buy the right shoe size for your child without having to take them to the store to try on shoes!

The TikTok Crafty Moms account (@craftymoms) is known for its videos featuring smart tips and DIY projects for parents and kids. One of their videos features a smart hack to buy kids’ shoes, and it’s totally a game-changer for parents shopping without their kids.

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All you need for this hack is paper, pencil, and scissors. The filmmaker begins by asking his child to put one foot on a sheet of paper, then to trace the outline of his foot on the paper.

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Then they cut out the stencil, fold it neatly into their bag, and head to the shoe store. When shopping, they measure the template against the soles of various shoes before finding the right one for them.

In addition to easily finding the right size, you won’t have to worry about the tantrums of little ones who are tired of trying on shoes.

Viewers took to the comments to express their enthusiasm for the smart shoe buying trick.

“Why is it the easiest thing ever, and I’ve never thought about it in 8 years of parenthood?” A parent asked rhetorically.

“Thank you! My son hates buying clothes. It will help a lot,” said a grateful parent.

Others were quick to point out that, while effective, this hack is nothing new.

“People have been doing this for decades to buy shoes for their family members overseas in developing countries,” one user explained.

“This is how we sent our sizes to my aunt in New York City when we lived in Jamaica,” one viewer explained.

“My mom did this in the 60s for my aunt so she could send me the right size shoes. It’s not new to me, ”one user said.

While this hack isn’t new, it clearly stands the test of time.

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