Supporting women while promoting pro-life view

A previous letter writer claimed to have visited our website, and correctly noted our pro-woman, pro-life philosophy, that we support the elimination of the causes that lead women to abortion, including understood the lack of resources and support.

But she went on to say: “There is no indication that he is interested in improving a woman’s resources or support.”

She must not have been on the right site, because if she had, she would have seen our decades of achievement on behalf of the most vulnerable, including our work on the original law on violence against women, the law on violence against women. child support enforcement, our efforts to successfully eliminate punitive measures against mothers who had “too many children” from welfare reform, and how our work inspired the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Pregnant Act and Parenting Student Services Act, later the Pregnancy Assistance Fund.

These achievements would not have been possible without our unique ability to work with those on both sides of the abortion divide towards our common goals of helping the most vulnerable.

In addition, our help site,, has been visited by more than 125,000 mothers, pregnant women and primary caregivers per year. Women Deserve Better is designed to guide a woman to work, learn, live and love better through the different stages of her life.

As someone who has been in the room, working on the Hill with those on both sides of a contentious issue, including on-campus solutions for pregnant women and parents, I can attest to our ability to work together to solve complex problems through a holistic, women-centered solutions. We welcome opportunities to do more because women deserve better,

Serrin M. Foster


Feminists for America’s Life

Alexandria, Virginia


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