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S’pore mum nabbed after abusing drugs at home when taking care of 9-month-old son – Mothership.SG

S'pore mum nabbed after abusing drugs at home when taking care of 9-month-old son - Mothership.SG
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A Singapore mother was caught in her home after she had been taking drugs while her nine-month-old baby son was with her.

A photo of the home where the drug-taking activities took place was shared by the CNB Drug Free SG Facebook page on June 24.

A short description of the crime was also revealed.

The caption of the photo said Central Narcotics Bureau officers found the drug abuser and her child in her unit.

The woman was described as the sole caregiver of the boy, and she was said to have been abusing “Ice”, also known as crystal methamphetamine, in close proximity of child.

“Living conditions were squalid and drug paraphernalia were found in the open,” the post added.

Baby handed over to MSF

The baby was brought back to the station and provided with childcare necessities like milk powder by officers, it was also revealed.

The baby has since been handed over to the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) as the abuser’s parents are unable to take care of him, while the abuser will be committed to the Drug Rehabilitation Center (DRC).

The post added: “Such scenes, though rare in Singapore, are a stark reminder that those who deal in drugs destroy lives.”

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Top image via CNB/Facebook

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