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Shawn Johnson’s New Video Shows Her and Andrew East’s Parenting Styles – SheKnows

Shawn Johnson’s New Video Shows Her and Andrew East’s Parenting Styles – SheKnows
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Every parent has a different style when it comes to caring for babies, and former gymnast Shawn Johnson and her husband Andrew East are no different. In a recent Instagram video, the athlete and podcast host explained how the couple approach differently picking up their 5-month-old son Jett from his crib. And it’s kind of hilarious.

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The Jan. 10 video shows a happy Jett lying in his crib with the caption: “Getting Baby Out of Crib: Mommy vs. Grandma vs. Daddy.” Next, we see Johnson grabbing her baby by the feet with one hand to roll him onto his other hand and lift him on his stomach while smiling and patting his stomach.

Next, Johnson’s mother Teri picks up Jett, first leaning on the cradle to reach for the cutie, then lifting him with both hands on her stomach. Finally, it’s East’s turn – he simply grabs Jett’s sleeping bag with one hand, then effortlessly lifts it up in his arm (still with one hand) while holding a water bottle in it. other hand.

Johnson, who also shares daughter Drew, 2, with East, also captioned the video “Which style is most like yours ?!” She then commented: “Grandma and I are too small.”

Fans were quick to comment, explaining that their partners pick up their baby the same way Andrew did. One of them wrote: “Lol my husband always hugs our daughter like that and she is 7 years old.” Others couldn’t help but comment on how adorable Jett is, with one handwriting, “Omg, those fat baby thighs are everything …” and another handwriting, “Omg little boy so tall and healthy and beautiful !!!! “

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