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Robin Leach writes about child confusion in this week’s column

Robin Garrison Leach
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Robin Garrison Leach

When you have more than one child, it becomes difficult to remember their names. Oh, you know who’s who. And it is easy to pick them out in a crowd of other kids: “mine…mine…not mine…looks like mine…etc”.

But you have to admit that there are times when their identities blend. Times when you yell a name and find yourself sputtering a series of vowels and consonants that no one would ever write on a birth certificate.

My four brothers and I caused Mom to yell out gibberish on many occasions, much to our delight:

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“MI-JI-RO-BU-BI-….” She sounded like a Romanian woman hawking vegetables in her village. We would look at each other and roll our eyes. Who did she want?

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