ProgenyHealth Launches New Maternity Care Management Program

ProgenyHealth Launches New Maternity Care Management Program
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“With nearly two decades of experience managing NICU care, ProgenyHealth has a distinct and unrivaled perspective on maternal and child health,” said Ellen Stange, MD, Founder and CEO. “We know that early maternal health plays an important role in the outcomes and quality of life of mothers and infants. With the launch of our new Maternity Care Management program, we are ready to offer a solution unique and complete to women and their newborns.

The innovative new program provides an end-to-end solution that is not currently available in the market. Through a whole-person approach, women can now benefit from a broad continuum of education and care management to support improved health outcomes. In the event of a NICU delivery, the company’s experienced NICU care management team will seamlessly support the infant and family, working closely with their providers, to ensure the best possible outcome. possible health.

The basic elements of the new program include:

  • Complex case management for women with high risk indicators and other contributing factors. Certified Maternity Case Managers develop personalized care plans that are shared with their obstetrician for feedback, so everyone on their healthcare team is aligned with their care.
  • Back to work These plans help women prepare to re-enter the workforce to ensure a smooth transition with their employers.
  • Parenting support and advice offer a wide range of parenting skills; from choosing a pediatrician and planning vaccinations to supporting lactation and introducing an infant to siblings at home.
  • Centered pregnancy approach bring together women, at similar stages during pregnancy and after birth, to provide them with additional education and peer support.
  • Maternity and NICU integrated solutions provide a holistic and holistic approach to each pregnancy to ensure that the care management needs of mothers and their infants are met.
  • Digital Application to create personalized birth plans and provide personal health information and educational programs, track fertility, pregnancy progress and health appointments, and connect with health coaches.

“Many existing maternity care management solutions focus on a specific time or offer limited services and support. ProgenyHealth’s comprehensive maternity care management program offers personalized support to women throughout their reproductive journey. , including complex case management as needed.Our new program provides a much-needed end-to-end solution, from conception to delivery, through the postpartum period and their baby’s first year of life.

The ProgenyHealth Maternity Care Program is designed to work collaboratively and in coordination with health plans to provide their members with better quality, better outcomes, and greater satisfaction, as well as lower costs of care. Health plans that serve commercial and Medicaid members, large employers, and non-health-related channels (such as brokers, benefits consultants, and stop-loss carriers) are all ideal candidates to integrate the maternity care program solution. For more information, please visit the ProgenyHealth website.

About Progeny Health
ProgenyHealth is the only national, technology-driven women’s health company dedicated to managing maternity care and neonatal intensive care. We serve women, infants and families through the stages of maternal care – from conception and pregnancy through postpartum and parenthood, with particular expertise in managing preterm and complex births and admissions to resulting NICU.

Our industry-leading intelligent platform, Baby Trax™, integrates usage management and case management, while driving validation and payment assurance activities based on clinical data.

With nearly 20 years of experience, our board-certified physicians, nurses, social workers, and others work with providers to improve health outcomes, enhance the member and provider experience, and reduce costs for all payer groups, including commercial health plans, Medicaid payers, and large employers.

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