Porsha Williams Defends Herself As A Mother In Response To Comments Made By Dennis McKinley

Porsha Williams Dennis McKinley
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Are you watching Porsha’s family affairs? Is this about to be another side flop? I cannot be the only one who has been led to watch. It is conveniently labeled “The Real Housewives of AtlantaOn the guide / most streaming services. They also got us into the first episode by skipping a week of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City on a Sunday evening. Coarse!

If you are looking for something housewives-eqsue to watch, go pay for peacock. Get yourself some what Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip has in progress. Anyone else who actually follows the Porsche williams show, this one is for you. As Porsha has entered a whole new stage of reality, her energy remains unchanged. Porsha’s intrigues in this new show are still centered around her chronic disappointment with those closest to her. This includes his cousins, his sister Lauren Williams, and the father of his child Dennis McKinley.

Denis gets along with almost everyone on this “casting” trip to Mexico. That said, he and Porsha have certainly had a few break-ins. For one thing, Porsha had a very lively lunch with Dennis’ mom. This meal came with Porsha’s own cheating rumors that aired on camera. Later the show presented Lauren get a hotel room with Dennis. This was to make sure he wouldn’t bring any women back to his room. It’s a real thing that happened to a single adult man. The one who is on a luxury trip with his ex-fiancé and current fiancé. Porsha can get engaged in a matter of weeks but can’t Dennis run over someone he has known for a few days or even a few hours? Math is not math.

As the drama enters Denis and Porsha increases, it seems like things are taking a more personal turn with each of their parenting skills. While Porsha constantly suggests that Dennis should be more concerned with their child and less with his single life (all in the arms of his brand new relationship), it looks like Dennis may have taken a few direct shots at Porsha. In an Instagram post, Porsha shared a few videos of herself with her daughter. Pilar Jhena McKinley with a fiery legend. She wrote: “Hey loves, now you all now know that I don’t talk too much about what’s going on on the show because I’d rather you just enjoy what’s meant for entertainment!” Here we are.

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The caption continued: “But because of future charges of low lifespan brought by Denis of me on the show. I want to make it known that yes my daughter was in Mexico with me as she is the majority of the time when I travel as a single mom! I have flashbacks on Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party. The one where a bachelor kenya moore out of the shadows for having traveled with her daughter from Porsha who was busy with… well… something else.

“As you can imagine, after the first dinner I saw how crazy it was going to be” Porsha continued. “[I] chose to keep [Pilar] off camera while I was there working on the show. However, we stayed an extra week in Mexico and as a family we (my fiance and I) mingled and enjoyed the rest of our vacation. I’m a damn good mother and I always have my little girl with me no matter what. She is my world and my purpose and for anyone to raise a question against this shame on you and on the one who uplifted you. Ok I finished good night. Please guys keep talking, keep tweeting, the show is going well and I’m glad you all had fun.

Not Porsha come back a few seconds with Dennis’ mother! Is it a ploy to gain more views or a real window into this collapsing co-parenting relationship?

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