Offering Mothers Ways to Win and Survive Family Court Custody Battles and Co-Parenting a with a Narcissist

Offering Mothers Ways to Win and Survive Family Court Custody Battles and Co-Parenting a with a Narcissist
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“Author Grace Wroldson”

Grace Wroldson is the author of five books that help women and mothers cope, win, cope with setbacks, and find peace in relationships with alcoholics, narcissists, sociopaths, and dire fallout. of the end of these relationships.

Award-winning author helps mothers fight narcissists in family court custody wars

Wroldson fought his own custody battle in United States Family Court for ten years and expects to fight for another ten.

Grace Wroldson, mother, author, survivor and life coach, has fought long and hard to get to where she is today, and she knows she still has a long battle ahead of her. Wroldson was with an alcoholic, which was a challenge in itself, but the real challenges came in family court and co-parenting. Now, she’s written five books to help other women navigate the treacherous landscape of dealing with alcoholics, narcissists, and sociopaths. It also offers adaptation tools to love an alcoholic and be free from codependency forever.

His most recent books are Co-parenting with a Narcissist: 7 Rules for Staying Sane (Survivor’s Story), How to Fight a Narcissist in Family Court and Win: Super Smart Strategies for Success, and Co-parenting with a Sociopath: A Guide to Survival and Mental Health. All three books were written after Wroldson lost legal custody of her child in 2020 and then learned to defend herself in court using a strategy to gain protections for her child and peace of mind for herself. .

In her books, Wroldson offers hard-earned tips and strategies that she has learned over the past decade fighting for custody of her child. Wroldson had many obstacles in his way. Her ex, a wealthy alcoholic narcissist who can afford to keep the custody battle going, cannot and will not stop the post-separation abuse. She candidly takes readers on her painful journey, showing mothers that they are not alone. Plus, she lets readers know that these men are predictable and can be beaten at their own games. Legal and financial abuse are among the predicted patterns and need to be planned, she says.

To gain fairness and break free, she had to recover from the toxic, co-dependent relationship after realizing that she had tried hundreds of different ways to love her alcoholic ex, none of which worked. The relationship has been a painful struggle for fifteen years. But that struggle led Wroldson to his life goal: to help other women and mothers cope, win, cope with setbacks, find peace, and teach the “Self-Love Solution” .

“I want to help other mothers who are fighting for their children and their rights, that they are not alone. Looking back, if I had done a few different things, I wouldn’t have lost my first custody trial. There are crucial strategies that are very specific for dealing with a narcissist and / or a sociopath to implement. My goal is to keep children safe and mothers sane as they survive injustice, war and legal battles.

By sharing her strength and truth in her books, Wroldson helps women change, change, heal, grow, learn, and transform themselves and their circumstances. She reminds women that they have the choice to love themselves. She has achieved health, wellness, sanity and freedom through the lessons she teaches. Her lessons have helped women break what she calls the “codependency spell,” unblock confusion, and convey the truth that knowledge is power and freedom is our gift to ourselves.

Ultimately, Wroldson’s mission is to spare children from alcoholic homes or save them from abusive, toxic, narcissistic / sociopathic parents while also reminding war-torn mothers of their rights.

Wroldson’s books are available on Amazon. For more information, visit and connect with her on social media.


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