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‘No security lapse at hospital’- The New Indian Express

‘No security lapse at hospital’- The New Indian Express
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KOTTAYAM: A preliminary investigation into the kidnapping of a baby girl at Kottayam Government Medical College Hospital (MCH) has ruled out security breach charges. Thomas Mathew, co-director of the medical education branch, visited the MCH on Saturday as part of the investigation ordered by Health Minister Veena George.

Although authorities suspended a female security guard for suspected insensitivity while on duty, Mathew said on the face of it that no breaches were found on the part of hospital authorities. According to him, Neethu, who stole the baby, does not appear to have received help from a hospital worker. He recorded the statements of the baby’s mother, grandmother and service workers.

Mathew also checked the CCTV visuals as part of the investigation. “According to CCTV footage, the accused entered the hospital leaving her eight-year-old son at the entrance and was left alone in front of the maternity ward for a minute, apparently to prepare before approaching the mother and of the baby. The visuals show that she hasn’t spoken to anyone and that no one has helped her. Therefore, security breaches cannot be suspected. However, we will inquire into all matters in detail, ”he said.

Mathew said he would submit a detailed report to the Minister of Health soon, with details of current security arrangements and the operation of surveillance cameras in the hospital. Meanwhile, police will request Neethu’s custody for further questioning. Officials said the accused would also be taken to the hotel where she stayed and to the medical store where she purchased the long coat, as part of the collection of evidence.

Mother, child leaving hospital

Two days after her newborn baby was robbed and picked up within two hours, Aswathy left the hospital with the child on Saturday on the advice of doctors. According to hospital sources, the mother and baby are in good health. She left for her residence in Vandiperiyar. Meanwhile, the parents named the baby Ajayya (unbeatable), as suggested by TS Reneesh, Gandhinagar SI, who led the operation to save the baby.

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