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NEXT Memphis offers childcare services to help support struggling families – FOX13 News Memphis

NEXT Memphis offers childcare services to help support struggling families – FOX13 News Memphis
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Many families in the Mid-South depend on child care, and an organization wants to do more to help them.

NEXT Memphis plans to help nearly 4,000 families and their children.

“When I hear that number, it means we can provide an opportunity for more children,” said program coordinator for NEXT Memphis, Candace Tate.

Tate told FOX13 that the organization is expanding its services to 12 daycares to better support families.

“We want to make sure these kids are literate and ready to go into these kindergarten classes and be successful,” Tate said.

Other coordinators like Brooke Churchill said resources are available in a variety of ways for families seeking additional financial assistance, counseling and information to support families and their children.

“We have a strengths-based approach with families, so when a mother recognizes her needs and asks for help, that’s a number one strength,” Churchill said.

NEXT Memphis is associated with 22 child care centers in Shelby County. The organization wants families to know that they also want the best for their children.

“When families are in crisis or when families are not doing well, we want to make sure their children have a good understanding and a good experience,” Tate said.

Preparing these children is NEXT Memphis’ number one mission and helping families be better prepared.

“You never want to see a family struggle, but I’m very lucky that NEXT Memphis is able to help these families,” Tate said.

Parents think it’s something any family can use if they need to.

CLICK HERE to learn more about NEXT Memphis and its programs.

“They told me about the program, asked if I would be interested in it, and at the time I was like ‘Yes, please,'” said Asia Clark, a mother of triplets.

“When I came home with the triplets, I was scared. I wasn’t working, ”Clark said.

Clark said she understands parenting is a lot of work, and when she found out about NEXT Memphis through her daycare, she knew it was obvious.

“When I found out all the program offered, I was amazed,” Clark said.

Clark said the organization wanted the best for their attendees, and since having had their children, she said she has become a better mom.

Clarke said she was able to learn more about “counseling services like residential support, life skills”.

And, she says, the list goes on.

This has been helpful to Clarke as a mom and rewarding for NEXT Memphis.

“Just being that support for her to alleviate those stresses was also gratifying for us,” Churchill said.

Clark said it’s a program families shouldn’t need but want to take advantage of.

“And I am literally talking about this program to everyone I come in contact with because I know there are a lot of families who could benefit from it,” she said.

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