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Newborn sambar deer dies of shock after being separated from mother 

Newborn sambar deer dies of shock after being separated from mother 
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The unfortunate death of a 15-day-old sambar deer, which strayed into Salamara village within the boundaries of Saluru gram panchayat of Thirtahalli taluk after being separated from its mother, has sparked controversy.

Villagers alleged that Forest Department officials’ apathy was the reason for his death. If officials had released it in the forest area, the animal would have rejoined its mother, they argued.

However, forest officials defended that he died of shock.

According to villagers, the sambar deer rushed towards the village on the night of January 16 around 10:00 p.m. after dogs started chasing it.

They immediately notified Forest Department officials. The team of officials rushed to the scene and tied him up with a rope to make sure the dogs didn’t attack him and decided to call a vet the next day. But he died in the early hours of Monday.

Thirthhalli Range Forest Officer Anil said DH that deer are very sensitive animals and should be handled with great care.

“Our staff rushed to the scene on Sunday evening and saw him. But he was afraid. They spoke to the vet over the phone and decided to treat him the next day as there was no injury.

“Unfortunately he is dead. Our staff had good intentions and there was no negligence. He cannot be handled like a dog or any other animal. If we had released him, the dogs might have -be killed. So we tied him up with a rope to keep him safe.


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