“New Normal:” First Baby Born in Quarantine Station

Both the mother and her baby are medically stable and doing well at NRH Isolation ward.
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The mother and her baby are medically stable and doing well in the NRH isolation ward.

The first lines of Operation COVID-19 Health have successfully helped a quarantined pregnant mother deliver her baby without violating the infection, prevention and control (IPC) standards put in place for such incidents.

As part of the preparation for COVID-19, such a scenario was also planned and, therefore, protocols to help pregnant women giving birth in quarantine or at the national referral hospital (NRH) were developed.

In this case, labor progressed rapidly, therefore health workers had to assist the delivery in the quarantine station and then moved the mother and baby to the NRH isolation ward for monitoring and management. additional, as they have not yet completed the quarantine days and COVID-19 tests.

To assist the delivery process, all health workers, doctors and midwives wore full personal protective equipment (PPE level 3), which includes full body coverage, face masks, gloves and covers. -feet.

Both wearing and removing PPE processes were carried out under strict observation by IPC staff on site to detect any violation of IPC standards.

After the operation, the risk assessment for health workers to assess any possibility of contracting the potential COVID-19 virus from mother and baby was extremely low.

Nevertheless, in accordance with the protocols in place to guarantee zero risk for the communities, all health workers involved in the operation are accommodated at the Honiara hotel, far from their families and communities.

The mother arrived in Honiara on the repatriation flight on December 22 and in accordance with entry requirements, fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Since arriving, she has tested negative twice for COVID-19 with a final test taken yesterday.

Once the final test results are negative, the mother and baby will be released from quarantine today (Wednesday January 5), which is the 14th day of quarantine.

The mother and her baby are medically stable and doing well in the NRH isolation ward.

Source: MHMS Media

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