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Need a healthy skin during your pregnancy? Check skincare tips for mothers-to-be | Fashion Trends

Need a healthy skin during your pregnancy? Check skincare tips for mothers-to-be | Fashion Trends
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Having a baby is all about bringing new life into this world and the immense joy and happiness this news brings into the family is unmatched but with the congratulations word spreading around, new mommies to be are bombarded with different types of advice from family members and doctors , which can be overwhelming and hard for some. So, it’s important to be fully aware of how pregnancy can change a woman’s body and skin.

Beauty and skin experts reveal that every week will bring a new feeling and new change in your body and that for some the journey into motherhood is easy and smooth while for others it can be tricky especially when it comes to the skin changes. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr. Saru Singh, Aesthetic Physician, insisted, “Following the right skincare routine during pregnancy is extremely important. All the hormonal changes that take place can lead to some skin issues such as pigmentations, dullness, texture and dark circles. Pigmentary changes occur not only on the face but also on different parts of the body.”

For those expecting and in need of a healthy skin during their pregnancy, Dr Saru Singh shared the following steps:

1. For starters, always opt for a gentle cleanser to get rid of dead cell build up. Gentle cleansing will ensure that the skin barrier and pH of the skin stays healthy.

2. Moisturization is key – The raging hormones can have different effects on different kinds of skin types. Some may experience excessive dryness while others may get super oily, this is why it’s important to choose the right moisturizer for you during pregnancy. Hydration is key to fight dullness and pigmentary changes. Always consult an expert if you are unable to find the perfect moisturizer for you. Look out for products that are rich in hyaluronic acid, anti-oxidants and ceramides.

3. Stay sun protected – Mommies-to-be must stay indoors especially during these months to avoid unnecessary UV damage and tanning to the skin. Opt for mineral and high SPF sun blocks to protect the skin.

4. Balanced nutritious diet – Consuming a healthy, nutritious Iron and protein rich diet can be super beneficial for both the mother and the fetus. The skin and hair too need extra vitamins and minerals during pregnancy. This is why it’s important to take a wholesome diet with prescription supplements at your doctor’s discretion. Increasing daily water and fluid intake is also crucial for not only skin health but also gut health. Pregnant women do face gut inflammation and constipation from time to time, drinking water can help keep the bowel movements regular and also flush out any unwanted toxins from the body.

5. Use gentle and hydrating body care products – Biggest scare for a woman during pregnancy are stretch marks. they happen when the skin on your tummy and back is stretched to accommodate the growing baby. While there are several factors that will determine the severity of Stretch marks. Many times that can be prevented. Best at home remedy would be to use oils especially coconut oil three to four times a day, start early and make it a habit.

6. Physical movement and walk – 20 to 30 mins of walk everyday can be super beneficial during pregnancy. Studies suggest that walking can have a great mood elevating and de-stressing effect on the body. It’s great for blood circulation and healthy skin.

Dr. Noopur Jain, MD Dermatology and Founder of SkinZest, revealed, “The skin post pregnancy suddenly becomes dull and sallow after displaying that gorgeous lit-from-within glow throughout your pregnancy. Since labor is a major physical and mental adjustment, it is natural for your skin to suffer as a result. While pregnant women have a special pregnancy glow on their faces, new mothers have total exhaustion and that pregnancy glow simply disappears behind all of this.”

She added, “Pregnancy is a time when women take extra care, eat well, and pamper themselves, but once their baby is born, everything falls apart because a new mom is too preoccupied with caring for her child. After having their babies, women spend all of their time caring for and feeding their child and this is when their skincare suffers.” She shared a few tips for new mommies that include:

1. Diet – Don’t ignore your diet. You cannot ignore your own body because of your baby. Eat healthy and keep yourself hydrated and it will show up on your skin. Don’t skip meals.

2. Hydration is the key – Drinking more water is essential not only for breastfeeding and staying physically healthy, but it is also the most important aspect of skin care! Drink a 16ounces glass of warm water with lemon in the morning before the new-born baby duties begin to hydrate your body (and your skin!) and aid in natural detoxification

3. Basic skincare routine – Maintain a basic skincare routine that includes cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Take a few minutes out of your hectic schedule to cleanse your face, use a good hydrating toner, and then moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer.

4. Exfoliate – Don’t skip exfoliating your skin. Use a scrub to exfoliate your skin and restore its luster. You can also begin using an exfoliating body scrub to keep the blood flowing and relax your mind, body, and skin.

5. Stress – Meditation is an excellent stress-reduction technique. It not only helps to keep you calm, but it also prevents a variety of stress factors that can cause acne.

Above mentioned are some of the most beneficial tips one can opt for while enjoying the new mommy phase. Pregnancy glow is not hard to achieve if you are just consistent and sincere towards your body. Keep in mind that getting proper sleep, drinking enough water and staying in touch with your doctors encompasses the process of ending up with the most gorgeous and healthy skin.


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