My COVID Story: I made over 100 calls to arrange plasma for my mother

My COVID Story: I made over 100 calls to arrange plasma for my mother
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Bharti Kotwal was in the midst of a planned renovation, when his mother was struck by COVID. She was quickly hospitalized and quickly succumbed to COVID. Here is his COVID story

I lost my dear mother during the second deadly wave of Covid in April 2021.

It all started on April 2nd. I was at work and called my mom as always. She sounded a little low so I asked her if she was okay. She said she was fine. COVID crossed my mind and I quickly called my sister who lived near my mother. She also rang low and told me that she and mom were going to the doctor that evening. I called back in the evening and was told it was a normal viral fever. The next day, both were fine and my fears were allayed.

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Then on April 7, a planned renovation started at my house. That same evening, my sister called me and told me that mom’s fever had returned and her x-ray report was not good. I told her to get her admitted immediately. As the nighttime curfew was in place at UP, I could not start immediately. I waited until morning and reached my parents’ house within hours. At that time, mom was admitted to the hospital and had tested positive for COVID.

I quickly disinfected mom’s house and had my dad tested. Fortunately, he tested negative. During this time, my sister and brother-in-law also tested negative. My sister, I and my brother-in-law went to the hospital where we were told to make arrangements for the plasma as her CT score was not good. We had no idea where to fix it. But with the help of my cousins ​​we were able to do it in a few days but before that we had to call 100 numbers to try to organize ourselves. When we saw that the condition of the other patients had improved after the plasma, it gave us immense hope and we prayed for the best. But our hopes were quickly dashed when we were told that the plasma was not having the desired effect.

As our mother was in intensive care, we couldn’t meet her up close, but we waved to her from a distance and all we could hear her say behind her mask was take her home. Day after day, her condition deteriorated and the penultimate day before putting her on a ventilator, she motioned to me to approach her and from behind her NIV mask where the oxygen was at 100 %, she asked me to give money to the nurse who took care of her. I gave him some money. The next day, when I went to see my mother, she was lying on her side. I called her and she didn’t open her eyes but held out her hand to me. When I held her hand, she didn’t let go of my hand for a few seconds and told me to let her go because she wasn’t getting any better. I just couldn’t say a word and walked out of the intensive care unit crying. After about an hour, the doctors told us they were putting her on a ventilator. We had no choice but to concede.

She died on the third day, which was April 25. My mother was a generous soul who not only took care of us, but thought a lot about the welfare of the elderly and children on the streets and regularly helped them with food and clothes. She always ended our calls with many blessings and I miss her voice.

She had touched many lives during her lifetime through her philanthropy. All she had in her heart was love and blessings for everyone.

We miss her every day. I love you mom.

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