Michelle Wu defends vaccine mandate for Boston city workers as pregnant police officers push back

Pregnant Boston police attacked Mayor Michelle Wu’s beefed-up immunization warrant in a recent roll call the mayor attended, which they said forces them to choose between their job and the health of their unborn children .

Officers toast the new mayor in a series of videos posted on Twitter of the Boston Police Department’s visit to Wu last week.

“Mayor Wu, when you were pregnant, did you use drugs or drink alcohol? Have you eaten sushi or cold cuts? Have you listened to your doctor, your husband’s wishes, and the advice of your religious leaders? Mayor Wu, have you made your own decisions for yourself and your unborn children? Asked a visibly pregnant officer.

“Did you do everything you needed to do to have a safe and healthy pregnancy? Do you understand what it is like to lose a child and have to undergo fertility treatments? We ask you, Mayor Wu, to understand where we are from. We are mothers. We are fathers. We don’t know what the outcome will be. We care about our families, ”added the officer.

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