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Madisson Hausburg Shares New Tattoo Honoring Late Son Elliot

Madisson Hausburg Shares New Tattoo Honoring Late Son Elliot
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As she and Ish Soto mourn the recent loss, Madisson Hausburg reveals how she honors her late son for the New Year with a tattoo.

Nap key star Madisson Hausburg opens up after the loss of her newborn son Elliot. Madisson first appeared on Nap key season 3 and announced that she and Ish Soto are expecting the following season. Madisson and Ish recently shared the sad news that Elliot was stillborn. As she and Ish mourn the recent loss, Madisson reveals how she honors her late son for the New Year with a tattoo.

In 2020, Madisson appeared with her husband Ish on Nap key season 3. The couple faced backlash from family members that Ish is about two decades older than Madisson, in addition to the fact that Ish often travels for his work as an MTV producer. . Despite criticism from those around the couple, Ish and Madisson tied the knot in October and announced they would soon be having a child. On December 12, the couple revealed the heartbreaking news that Madisson was unable to return from hospital with Elliot after he was born because he was stillborn.

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At the start of 2022, Madisson explained on Instagram that she made the decision to honor her late son with a new tattoo. Madisson shared a photo of the tattoo above her wrist in a dark black and white, with the tattoo just reading “Elliot” in a delicate cursive font. the Nap key alum explained that January 1, 2022 was the day Elliot was originally due to be born. In the heartfelt caption, Madisson details all of the events that would have followed Elliot’s birth and expresses her sadness that these things are no longer possible, claiming the due date is “tn day we were supposed to take our baby home to snuggle up and walk around the family. The day he would meet all his uncles, aunts and grandparents. The very first grandchild in my family. “

Madisson says the date marks three weeks since she suffered the loss and adds that she still struggles emotionally as a result, claiming “I am stuck in limbo of being a new mother and not being able to mother my son. My body is still physically hurting to feed my little boy.” She goes on to say that a variety of things are now reminders of the very recent loss, and adds that she agrees with the feeling that “Grief is just love with no place to go.” Madisson also thanks those who contacted her during the difficult time of her life with Ish, and says she finds some comfort in knowing that others understand her pain. Although she feels less alone, Madisson expresses that she is sad that “So many people are going through this nightmare and can understand this pain.” As she finishes the message, she lands on a note of hope, sharing that she wishes the best for others for the New Year. Madisson concludes by explaining the meaning of the new tattoo. “My first and only tattoo, to always carry you in my arms. I love you very much, baby E” said Madisson.

Madisson and Ish have been through a whirlwind of emotional events since starting their relationship on Nap key in 2020. Given the criticism the couple have received in response to their marriage, it is courageous of Madisson to continue to be so open about her recent struggles with social media followers. It’s clear Madisson and Ish likely have a long way to go in the grieving process given the loss of Elliot just three weeks before the New Year, but it’s good that Madisson can share her story. with others and could find some comfort as a result.

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