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Little People’s Isabel Roloff shares new photo of newborn son Mateo as he takes in ‘magical’ first snow

ISABEL Roloff shared a sweet photo of newborn Mateo enjoying his first snowfall, calling the adorable first “magical”.

Little People star Big World announced the arrival of her first child with Jacob Roloff in early December.

Isabel Roloff shared a sweet photo of baby Mateo enjoying her first snowfall


Isabel Roloff shared a sweet photo of baby Mateo enjoying her first snowfallCredit: Instagram
She and Jacob decided not to show their son's face on social media


She and Jacob decided not to show their son’s face on social mediaCredit: social media – Refer to source

Isabel hid her son’s face from the camera, holding it with both their backs.

She held the baby over her head, allowing her to look at the farm.

Isabel captioned the post: “Mateo’s first snow, so magical.”

The youngster was bundled up in a little brown bear costume in the photo.

Fans sprang from the sweet capture.

“Cutest little bear,” commented Amy Roloff.

Several fans have defended Isabel’s decision not to showcase her baby’s face on social media.

One reviewer wrote: “It’s a beautiful photo. SHE DOESN’T HAVE TO SHOW IT TO ANYONE.”

Another wrote: “What a great photo! So happy that you and Jacob decided not to share Mateo’s photos. So special.”

A third commentator said: “Enjoy your baby to the fullest and later when you think there is a need to show it, you will and if not, you will be equally respected. God bless you all 3 very much. blessings and then a year will be a million times better than this one. “

Although Isabel chose not to show her son’s face on Instagram, she shared several glimpses of the boy.


In mid-December, Isabel shared another cute snap of her son online.

She captioned the post: “I have a two week old child.”

Isabel shared the photo on her Instagram story.

Mateo was largely covered in the photo, but part of his outfit or blanket, as well as Isabel’s fingertips holding it, could be seen.

The message included a sticker that read, “I love you so, so hard, like never before.”

Isabel has shared many clips of her son since he was born.

After arriving, she shared a black and white photo of her fingers wrapped around hers.

She included several details of her birth, writing: “Mateo Tomás is here and he’s perfect. He came a week ago on 12/4 at 12:40 a.m.”


She revealed in her article that her birth did not go as planned, writing, “Our birth story did not go as planned; as we know life rarely does.

“The past few weeks have shown me what real surrender and trust looks like. I have never been so afraid of hands on my knees and I have never known such great love.

“Seeing Jacob as a father is the most heartwarming thing I have ever witnessed. Being a mother is the most myself thing I have ever felt.”

She continued, “Through it all, I come to affirm more than ever that our angels are always watching over us.”

While the post didn’t give a full look at the baby, fans and friends took to the child in the comments.

Isabel’s sister-in-law Tori Roloff commented: “Ahhh da wittle bingies!

Audrey, who met Mateo recently, wrote: “I love her so much and you are an Izzy warrior. A big part of motherhood is about surrendering and trusting and you’ve already learned how to do it with so much grace. . I love you !”

Isabel has also struggled since Mateo was born, admitting to feeling “lonely and isolated”.

Mateo was born in early December


Mateo was born in early DecemberCredit: Instagram / @ isobelsofiarock
Isabel announced her arrival on Instagram with a sweet black and white photo


Isabel announced her arrival on Instagram with a sweet black and white photoCredit: Instagram
Mateo is the couple's first child


Mateo is the couple’s first childCredit: Monique Serra Photography
Little People’s Jacob Roloff and wife Isabel introduce newborn baby Mateo to Audrey and husband Jeremy after years of feuds

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