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Laredo welcomes first newborns of 2022

Laredo welcomes first newborns of 2022
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Laredo welcomed her first newborns in 2022, as they have just been born within hours of the New Year and hours apart.

Like every year, the first newborns will receive special gifts from the respective hospitals due to this milestone.

The first baby of the year was born at Cindy Chavez’s Doctors Hospital. Much like her mother, her daughter’s name was Cindy Chavez, and she was born at 7:42 a.m. and weighed 7.2 pounds with a length of 20 inches.

Staff at Doctors Hospital have expressed how excited they are to announce the first newborn of 2022 and how much they still look forward to this important day.

“Each year we look forward to welcoming our New Year’s baby and mom,” said Guadalupe Cisneros, RN and delivery and postpartum nurse at Doctors Hospital de Laredo. “This year our staff welcomed a baby girl as a 2022 New Year’s baby here at the Laredo Doctors Hospital. It is a joy to present family with gifts – courtesy of the Physician Hospital Auxiliary Volunteers – including a baby stroller, clothing and more. We wish the Chavez family and all the babies born this year a happy and healthy life. “

Laredo Medical Center also had its first child born a few hours later at 10 a.m. Proud parents Erika and Hugo welcomed their newborn baby, Ezequiel, with immense love and delight. They were grateful to present the birth of their son.

Ezequiel weighed 10 pounds and was 21 inches tall, according to Laredo Medical Center. Much like the Chavez family, since Ezequiel was the first born of the year in the hospital, the newborn and his family received a special basket with baby essentials and a special gift from the auxiliaries at the center. Laredo Medical Center.

Ezequiel’s parents said they were extremely proud of his birth and also looked forward to the New Year.


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