I’m addicted to being pregnant

I’m addicted to being pregnant
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A surrogate mother who claims to be “addicted” to pregnancy described the joy of helping childless couples have children of their own as she plans to have a 10th baby.

Laura McCarthy, 33, has four children of her own and has given birth to five more babies on behalf of couples unable to bear children of their own.


Laura McCarthy has given birth nine times, admits she finds pregnancy “addictive”Credit: MEN Media
The mother has four children of her own and has acted as surrogate mother for the other five children.


The mother has four children of her own and has acted as surrogate mother for the other five children.Credit: MEN Media

She had her first surrogate baby, a girl, 11 years ago and eight months ago gave birth to surrogate twins, a boy and a girl, for another family.

Each of these surrogate pregnancies is the result of IVF (in vitro fertilization) where the egg and sperm of the future parents were used to create an embryo which was then placed in Laura’s womb.

This means that, genetically, none of the babies are hers, she says.

Bradley’s single mom Huddersfield said: “I love being a mom, it’s the best job in the world, and I love being able to help someone make their dream of parenting come true.”

She also says she wants to “end misconceptions about surrogacy.”

Laura recently lost over five pounds of weight with Slimming World so she can continue to have more surrogate babies for those in desperate need of children.

“Having had nine babies and really wanting more, I couldn’t risk a tenth baby while being overweight because of the associated risk factors.”

Now weighing 11 years, Laura always wanted to be a mom growing up and often felt

people who aspired to have children but who are not able to become parents naturally.

She decided to become a surrogate after seeing a TV show and having her first two children.

“This unconditional love that I felt, I thought about how lucky I was to have it and so I thought if I could help others then why not?

“I wanted others to be able to have this unconditional love for their own children.”

She gets to know each family beforehand and stays in touch afterwards.

Once children are old enough to understand, they are given more information about how they were born.

“Once they are old enough, they will know who I am and that they have grown in my womb.”

Soon she is hoping to have a surrogate baby for a single man with a donated egg, although she says she is not yet pregnant.

She is happy to share her own experiences in order to put surrogacy in a positive light and dispel some misconceptions.

A misconception, she says, is that surrogate mothers become too attached to their newborns.

“People think I would be attached to the baby. Of course, I want to keep this baby safe, but you don’t have the same feelings (that you have) towards your own child when you are pregnant with someone. other.”

She says some people mistakenly believe that surrogate mothers “make a lot of money.”

“In the UK, surrogacy is altruistic. Expenses are covered, such as travel and maternity clothes.”

UK law states that you cannot pay a surrogate mother except for her reasonable expenses.

Some people ask him “funny questions”.

“They ask ‘do you know who you’re doing this for? Yes, I wouldn’t have a baby for a stranger.”

Laura says what she does is not a service and that she is not allowed to advertise, although she is allowed to “raise awareness”.

“Today there is a really supportive surrogacy community and there are groups on Facebook. The words used are ‘intended parents.’ It’s a community to support each other.”

Laura says handing the newborn baby over to parents is an incredible feeling.

“Once you see the baby in his arms, you can see this unconditional love immediately. It is totally worth it. This feeling can be slightly addicting.”

Laura, a former nursery nurse, had the nine children at Royal Calderdale Hospital, including her on April 13, Rowan, 11, Ada, six and Eira, two.

Now that she has given birth to nine children, some people have started asking questions about “double digits,” she admits.

“I am asked the question. This is a sensible question. “

She says, “I would like to continue helping people have families.

“If my body reaches the stage where it is struggling with pregnancy, or if I have health problems or if the delivery is not going well, this is where the line should be drawn because my children have need a mom.

“I never exclude anything, I play everything by ear. I have always managed the pregnancy well and have had simple deliveries.”

And she says her parents and her own children supported her.

“It’s so normal for my family that they would be shocked if I didn’t have more… my mom is my biggest supporter when it comes to surrogacy. She supports me in what I do. “

Her grandparents, however, were shocked at first.

She adds, “Twelve years ago when I started doing this they had a lot of misconceptions. They were a little shocked and thought I shouldn’t do it. They saw an amazing journey with them. parents and how they were respectful of me. “

Laura says she would like to welcome more children


Laura says she would like to welcome more childrenCredit: MEN Media
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