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I’m a parenting expert – this is the secret weapon to stop little one from misbehaving on long car rides

I’m a parenting expert - this is the secret weapon to stop little one from misbehaving on long car rides
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THE HOLIDAY season is usually not complete without at least one or two long car trips with the family.

But parents all over the world know the difficulty of traveling with children who have temper tantrums – but there are some smart ways to avoid tears (from mother and children).


You can avoid tantrums on long car trips with these simple tipsCredit: Getty

It’s no secret that toddlers get bored when they’re strapped in the backseat, but seasoned mom, parent coach and early childhood expert Sophie Pickles has a few things up their sleeve.

The ultimate trick is WHEN you load the car and drive away, and the secret she says is traveling at night.

We know what you’re thinking, getting the kids out of bed in the middle of the night to take them for a drive, sounds crazy, right?

But according to Sophie, “there is nothing more relaxing” and she explains why.

“Having traveled long distances with my own children as they progressed from infancy to infancy and beyond, my number one car travel tip has to be to try and travel at night. “she told Fabulous.

“There is nothing more relaxing for all parties involved and it makes traveling a lot smoother (and more peaceful!)”

This is mainly because children can sleep in the car, and they won’t have a hard time doing so.

But she suggests keeping their routine as much as possible and leaving just before the kids’ “normal bedtime”.

“We often do bath time, stories and pajamas before getting in the car. Keep noise to a minimum and enjoy the dark winter evenings. You can even add a little white noise if you wish.” , she explains.

“When you reach your destination, just transfer your child to his bed and let him continue to sleep through the night. I promise you it really is that simple! “


Sophie, who has partnered with baby brand Munchkin, insists babies and toddlers need routine, so it’s no wonder car trips can be “disruptive and overwhelming” for them. the whole family.

“They will be much more prone to crying spells and fits because they are now in an unfamiliar environment,” she explains.

“New places, new environments and new people can affect even tiny babies. There is a lot of sensory stimulation, which can be incredibly over-stimulating, and parents can end up with babies they can’t calm down. “

But if road trips in the middle of the night aren’t working for you, Sophie has put together a list of other tips that might help moms and dads – and it really couldn’t be easier.

Make bubbles

To keep young children occupied, holding a bubble wand over the car’s center air vent to create bubbles can be a great way to spend time.

But make sure the bubbles are not aimed at the driver and are blowing directly into the passengers in the back.

Time travel

If you like routine, try to plan your trip to coincide with nap time.

“Babies go out of their usual routine when traveling and this can cause disruption and restlessness,” explains Sophie.

“Venturing out as part of their usual nap routine can make things easier for everyone.”

Create a treasure bag

Children eventually lose interest in toys, but try to create a “treasure bag” filled with some that they have never seen before.

According to the parental expert, this “will create interest and intrigue”.

She says, “It’s a good idea to take them out of the bag every half hour and give them to the kids so they can explore the textures, feels and smells of the toy – it will be a great distraction.”

Some great ideas are spoons, a hairbrush, or even a spice jar filled with rice – as dark and colorful as possible.

Reflect their sleeping environment

It is important to replicate what you do at home as much as possible – while traveling and on vacation.

Babies can sleep for two hours at home in the crib, but it can be as little as 40 minutes in the car.

Sophie suggests creating a dark environment for them using an umbrella or one that will block out the sun creating a more comfortable environment.

For babies, you can also take a white noise machine and attach it to their car seat.

And don’t forget things like a sleeping bag so you can dress babies like they’re going to sleep.

Create mess-free snacks and drinks

If you are going on a relatively long trip, it is important to always think about snacks.

But make sure you give them food that won’t leave a mess for them to clean up after they’re done.

Try things like dried cheerios, raisins, or bananas, and for drinks always have a splash-proof tumbler that’s perfect for those bumpy roads.

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