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How Much Food To Pack For A Family Of 5 For A Day At The Beach

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The summer may seem long, but it is often very short. This means that families are trying to fit in as many fun days as they can, and get in all those memories that they need to. The summer can look very different for families of one child to a family of three, and there is more planning that is needed when it comes to having a fun day out. Mom has to think of the needs of all her children and make sure she packs everything that she needs.

The beach is one of the most popular spots in the summer. It is a chance to get out and spend some time in the sun, build sandcastles, swim in the water, and eat. Food is something that brings everyone together, and for a day at the beach, mom needs to pack a lot of food.

Families of five don’t always want to eat all their meals out, because that can be expensive. They want to bring food from home, but they always want to make sure that they have enough for everyone.

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Nothing is worse than a mom who has run out of snacks and food, and who has multiple children who are now hungry. We are going to go through some quick tips so mom can be sure that she is packing enough food.

The Right Amount

According to Parents, a good rule of thumb is to pack twice the amount of food that you think you will need. Children get hungry when they are swimming, and they are likely going to want to eat a lot. Take some time and think about how much each person at home eats, and double it. This way you will be sure that you have enough.

It is also wise to think about the kinds of food you want to bring. It may not be wise to pack full meals for a day at the beach, and a collection of picnic-style snacks may be perfect. Sandwiches for lunch are easy, as you know how many to make, but also pack a lot of easy grab snacks, like already cut fruit and crackers.

Snacks that are vital for their health, and are delicious, are always going to be the right choice.

Do You Have To Pack?

Packing is not something a lot of moms like to do, and it can be a challenge to try and get all the food together and packed, but there is a hack that may work for this problem. According to The Points Guy, if you don’t want to physically pack a lot of food, and worry about fitting it in the car for the ride, check out if there are any local grocery stores near the beach.

Leave a bit early, and stop in at the grocery store to grab some food you will need. Think of things that won’t melt, like pretzels, crackers, or even a vegetable tray that is already prepared. This can save you time and stress when it comes to packing food. You can also get a couple more things if you think you are going to be low, just to be sure you have enough.


Packing the food you need to take can be made a lot easier with this helpful tip. According to Eater, organization is key to almost every aspect of parenting, and it can make your life easier. When you are putting your food packages together, think about when you are going to be eating them.

The later you are planning on eating the item, the lower in the bag it should be. That way your food is in order of when it will be eaten, and no one has to rummage through the bag to get to their snack.

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