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General Hospital Recap Marshall Suffers a Heart Attack While On a Date With Epiphany

General Hospital Recap Marshall Suffers a Heart Attack While On a Date With Epiphany
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At the Savoy, Curtis informs Drew that his father hinted he was in witness protection and shut him down when he asked for more details. Drew suggests that maybe Marshall isn’t telling him everything because he cares about him. Drew says witness protection is either for informants or rats and if he digs into Marshall’s past, it could signal the wrong person that his father has resurfaced. If Marshall was in witness protection, Drew suggests that’s a sign of trust.

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Brando meets TJ at Sonny’s gym. After working with the bag, Brando tells his friend about Sasha, who won’t tell him about Liam. TJ says people cry in different ways, and maybe she needs to cry in private. Brando worries that Sasha isn’t grieving at all and worries that she has no outlet for her emotions. TJ suggests that maybe she has one that she hasn’t shared, and maybe that’s really what he needs from Sasha. TJ has to run to work, but the two kiss goodbye. Alone, Brando checks his phone and texts someone.

Brando and TJ at the GH gym

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In the yoga studio, Gladys spots Sasha, sits down next to her, and says they can be yoga buddies. As Sasha tries to meditate, Gladys talks over and over about her work. Sasha suggests they talk about work later and focus on mindfulness. Gladys pushes Sasha to open up to someone and knows she’s keeping Brando at bay. Sasha says everyone does differently, and she’s sorry that she doesn’t cry on her or on Brando’s shoulders. Gladys points out that Brando is also grieving. Sasha thinks it was a mistake and leaves.

Sasha and Nina go to Yoga GH

Maxie and Felicia take a place away from Gladys in the room. Felicia admits she saw Peter and tried to find out if he knew where Louise was. Maxie tells his mother that he has no idea. Felicia knows this now and says he is desperate to find his daughter. Felicia remembers the nasty things he said to her and she knows she let Maxie down as a mother. Maxie assures her mother that they are in a different place now.

Felicia and Maxie at Yoga

Felicia tells Maxie about how she dealt with the disappearance of Peter and his daughter, it shows strength and she calls Maxie her hero. Maxie assures her mother that she is not as strong as she claims. Felicia wonders if that’s why she doesn’t want to go back to Pautuck and retrace her steps. Maxie blurts out that she’ll never go back to that cabin! She excuses herself to fetch water and leaves.

Maxie will not return to the GH cabin

Maxie meets Sasha outside the studio and Maxie talks about how her mother keeps pushing her to focus on the worst day of her life. Sasha fully understands, noting that everyone wants to dictate her mourning. Maxie tells her to do what she has to do to get through the day, but don’t push Brando or Gladys away because one day she will need them. Maxie returns to class and her mom. Sasha looks at her phone and sees a message from Brando inviting her to dinner. She ignores the text and goes back to class.

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Dante and Finn help Brook Lynn and Chase move into Jax’s old place, which he doesn’t even charge them for. Brook Lynn and Chase bicker over where all his stuff will go, and Finn jokes that they are already acting like an old married couple. Chase reminds his brother that he has an appointment with Liz. Finn notes that he is right and that he needs to change and go to the Grill and then leaves. Brook Lynn goes upstairs to change and feed Bailey

Alone, Dante asks Chase what is really going on between him and Brook Lynn. Chase insists they’re just co-parenting Bailey and that’s it. Dante knows that Brook Lynn can be a problem, but she has a good heart, so he understands why Chase might have feelings for her. Chase exclaims that nothing can happen between them because there is too much at stake.

Dante asks Chase about BLQ

Brook Lynn listens in from the background as Chase tells Dante that falling in love with Brook Lynn would be a mistake given everything he’s heard about her past. He also doesn’t know if he’s Brook Lynn’s type and vice versa, and he doesn’t think he can trust her when she can’t acknowledge the truth if she looked her in the face.

Brook Lynn enters the living room and asks Dante if he wants to stay for dinner. He politely refuses because he has to go home to Rocco. After Dante leaves, Brook Lynn tells Chase that she thinks he should leave. He wants to help her set up Bailey’s room, but she reminds him that he is not Bailey’s father and is only there to protect Bailey. She tells him to go live his life, train or do whatever. Exasperated, Chase grabs his jacket and says he’ll be back in a few hours.

Chase can't be with BLQ GH

At the hospital, Terry and Portia tell Liz, who is wearing a dress, how beautiful she looks. Liz can’t help but think that if they go out on this date, something bad might happen. She tells them about her wedding ring that mysteriously appeared in her locker, and Portia says she may have been overworked and forgot the ring. Terry and Portia urge her to get out of there and have fun.

Liz eventually leaves, and Portia and Terry talk about their own love lives. Terry says she explored the apps, but she’s not getting anywhere. Portia asks for her phone and Terry hands it to her. Portia downloads an app and creates a profile for Terry. Terry swears this is the last app she’s going to sign up for. Later, Terry smiled as he received a ping on his app.

Portia Terry gets the GH girls talking

At the Port Charles Grill, Marshall and Epiphany enjoy dinner. He asks her why she decided not to become a doctor. She tells him that her high school guidance counselor pushed her more to become a nurse than a doctor, and it was a very different time then. Marshall notes that at the time, there were few female doctors, especially those of color.

Marshall and Epiphany date GH

Liz arrives and sees Epiphany with Marshall. Epiphany introduces Liz to Marshall then Liz leaves to wait for her table and Finn’s arrival. Marshall can see that Liz and the other nurses are more than Epiphany’s colleagues, they are her family. He can also see how proud she is to be a nurse, but that doesn’t mean he can’t try something new.

Epiphany puts Marshall in his place GH

Finn walks in and he and Liz grab a table. It’s been a while since either of them had a first date, and they joke that this is when they’re supposed to ask the awkward questions to get to know you. They throw examples out there, and when Finn asks, “Do you get along with your parents,” he quickly answers that question. Liz opens up and says she has always gotten along well with her mom and dad. However, after a particularly difficult summer working for Doctors Without Borders, they sent her to live with her grandmother. Her parents haven’t given her much time or thought since. She says Franco used to try to work things out between them, and it was one of the few things they argued about. She apologizes for raising him and tries not to live in the past.

Finn and Liz are dating GH

At their table, Epiphany changes the subject and asks Marshall what has strained his relationship with Curtis. Suddenly Marshall stands up, grabs his chest and falls. Liz and Finn rush to help her.

At the hospital, Finn and Liz carry Marshall, followed by Epiphany. TJ and Portia rush to help him into an exam room.

Back at the Savoy, Drew receives a text from Ned hounding him about ELQ actions, so he has to leave. He advises Curtis to take time when it comes to his father as he doesn’t have to make an immediate decision. Alone, Curtis receives a call from Portia asking him to come to the hospital because it is his father.

Curtis meets Drew GH

See you next time general hospital: Sam asks someone to start over, BLQ admits to Chase that she didn’t want him to leave, Finn asks Liz to continue their date, Carly speaks out on how things are messed up, and Sonny exclaims, “That’s the worst thing I could do!”

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