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Doorbell camera accidentally records heartwarming moment between mom and son

Doorbell camera accidentally records heartwarming moment between mom and son
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A mother shared a sweet moment between herself and her five-year-old after being accidentally captured by her home’s security camera.

TikTok user Destiny Bennett @thebennettgang often shares parenting and marriage tips on the platform, along with clips of her kids.

However, last December, Bennett shared a video on TikTok of a conversation with her son that she had no idea was being documented by his doorbell camera.

“I can’t believe I filmed this,” she captioned.

The touching video, which was captured as the couple left their home, began with Bennett bending over and looking at his son.

“My five year old really has a hard time with great feelings and regulating his emotions,” the text on the video read. “This morning he was facing a lot of anger and I felt triggered by his behavior so I decided we should take a walk.”

In the video, Bennett could be seen telling his son how much she loves him, as well as explaining that she wanted him to learn to manage and regulate his feelings.

“I love you very much,” she told him. “Do you know how much I love you?” After shaking his head, Bennett opened his arms wide and said, “I love you so much.”

“I can see how angry you are and I want you to feel better,” Bennett then told his child. “I want you to love yourself to see how angry you are and want to feel better.”

“Sometimes feeling better is getting the things we want,” she added. “But sometimes you can’t get the things you want, and it’s okay to be angry. But then we have to be able to let go and figure out that we’re not going to get it. ”

She explained to her son that he must “find another way to do [his] body feel better ”and stressed the importance of self-esteem.

“I need you to love yourself,” she said. “I love you. Let’s have a good day today, okay.

The TikTok video has over 7 million views so far, with viewers noting how heartwarming the moment was and applauding Bennett’s parenting skills.

“My inner child is crying. Thank you for being an amazing parent, “one person wrote, while another said,” This generation is going to raise emotionally intelligent people and I love that so much. “

Other viewers have said they wish they had been raised the same, while also expressing their hope that Bennett’s parenting style is passed on.

“This conversation here, even if it seems simple, is it,” wrote one TikTok user. “I wish someone could do this for me. Keep up the good work!

Another said: ‘We are going to be the best parents, because of our deep understanding of being so small and having no words, while someone else wrote:’ This is the type of mom that I want to be.

On Bennett’s TikTok account, the video was referred to as a form of “soft parenting.” According to Very good family, this style is designed to raise “happy and confident children” using “four main elements: empathy, respect, understanding and limits”. It also focuses on parents nurturing the qualities they expect in their children with age appropriate discipline.

The independent contacted Bennett for comment.

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