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China’s parenting law: Court directs divorced mother to live with child, World News

China's parenting law: Court directs divorced mother to live with child, World News
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After the New China parental rights came into force on Jan. 1, a court in Hunan province ordered a nine-year-old girl to live with her mother after finding that the child was neglected by divorced parents.

This is the first verdict rendered by from China court after the entry into force of the new law in the country.

The girl’s parents are said to have divorced two years ago and she was living with her nanny, however, the Tianxin District Court in Hunan heard that the estranged couple had decided that the daughter should stay with her mother, but since the mother’s house was far from the girls’ school, the father took her away.

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The father reportedly left the child in the nanny’s care and lived in another location even though the mother visited him on weekends.

Chinese lawmakers have passed the “Law on the Promotion of Family Education” ensure strict rules on how parents should bring up their children.

The new law aimed to make parents “responsible custodians” which makes it a matter of state because he asked parents to get help from “public systems” if they run into difficulties with their children.

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The new law has become the trending topic on China’s Twitter-like microblogging site Weibo, the hashtag “Chinese parents must now raise their children according to the law” has become the topic of discussion between internet users.

Some netizens criticized the move because the law would place the responsibility for educating children on parents rather than schools.

The law stipulates that parents must ensure physical integrity and psychological education of their children. According to a report by the Global Times, a Chinese state newspaper, parents can be criticized by state authorities if they do not fulfill their duties to their children.

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