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Carol Ofori shares five tips parents should know before their child’s first day of school

The year ahead is going to be hard, daunting, challenging and exciting at the same time. (Supplied/The Platinum Club)
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The coming year will be difficult, intimidating, challenging and exciting all at the same time. (Provided / The Platinum Club)

For students across the country, the school year is about to begin and it comes with varying levels of excitement and anxiety for parents and their children.

TV and radio personality Carol Ofori knows this sentiment all too well.

Here, the mom of two and host of the SABC 2 Raising Babies 101 educational series gives her top tips for starting the year off right.

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Are you ready?

Hope you are rested, mom, dad or guardian! The coming year will be difficult, intimidating, challenging and exciting all at the same time. Make sure, as a caregiver, that you are well rested, in good mental space, and ready to face the year.

Planning is the key

It is always important to plan ahead. A new school year often means new extramural activities, play dates, parent-teacher meetings, and more. So plan your days accordingly. It won’t hurt to create some sort of calendar to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Don’t underestimate the power of a checklist to make sure your child has all the uniform, stationery, books, and food they need to get through their day at school.

Develop a routine

It is very important, especially if your children are younger, to make them part of the school routine at least three days before the start of the school year. If school starts on a Wednesday, my kids will be in bed at 7 p.m. starting Sunday night, and I’ll wake them up at 6 a.m. to start establishing this routine. In our house, we try to have dinner at 4 p.m., at 5 p.m., we start the bath routine so that we can spend some time reading to our children at 6 p.m. before they go to bed. Find a routine that works for you and get your kids into that routine a few days early. Believe me; it will make all the difference.

Make sure the school you have chosen is the right one

The right school is so important to ensure that your child is developing as well as possible. Hope you spent some time over the holiday season bonding with your kids and learning more about their likes and dislikes, what they liked about the schools they attended and what they did. did not like. If you send your child back to the same school, make sure that this environment is suitable for their development.

Thrill your kids for the coming year

The start of the new school year is always a great time for children and while it can seem intimidating leaving their parents or entering a new class with new teachers and students, it is also an exciting time. for them. So raise it up. Plan for exciting events that might take place during the year, including them in the preparation process by letting them pick out a new backpack or stationery, which will help them change their mindset towards a positive state of mind.


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