Bharti Singh Becomes India’s First Pregnant Anchor

Bharti Singh Becomes India’s First Pregnant Anchor
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Popular Indian comedian Bharti Singh is back at work with an urge to normalize working women during pregnancy. In a recent video shared by Colors TV, Bharti called herself India’s first pregnant presenter and spoke about her family’s inhibitions about return to work during her pregnancy days.

Bharti Singh on being India’s first pregnant anchor

Credit: ColorsTv, Instagram

The caption of the video reads: “Hunarbaaz ke manch by aa rahi hai desh ke pehle pregnant anchors. Apni jeetod mehnat se Bharti badal rahi hai Poore desh ki soch ko. Kijiye salaam iss naari ke jazbe ko.

Talking about her first day of filming hosting the new reality show Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan, she said, “I hit the plateaus. I’m a little scared to shoot in this situation. But I am blessed with lots of love and surrounded by my team and my family. So I don’t have to worry. It’s my first day on set after being pregnant. I am excited and worried at the same time. You know how when you expect your family to support you, you expect them to be like, “Yeah, go for it.” But be careful, ‘What if you slip’, ‘What if something hits your baby bump?’, etc. Mine scared the crap out of me and gave me lots of warnings to be careful on the sets and not hurt myself. Mothers tend to scare you. But I want to change people’s minds about staying home just because you’re pregnant. I want to change everyone’s thoughts, including my mother’s. I will become India’s first pregnant presenter.

Credit: Bharti Singh, Instagram

Earlier, Bharti also spoke about her fears and how she doesn’t want any complications later. Elaborating on her routine, she said BollywoodLife, “I started doing yoga every other day. I’m really scared of the caesarean section, I heard it hurt a lot later and I’ll be a working mother so I don’t want to complications to come. I have been training a lot and following all my doctor’s instructions to be able to deliver normally. I walk for at least an hour in the morning and do yoga as instructed by my trainer.

Bollywood actresses who lived through their pregnancies

Talk about breaking cultural norms during pregnancy and the first name that pops up is Jaya Bachchan, who proved it way back in the 70s by working through her pregnancy while filming for Sholay.

Among the 90s generation, we have seen leading actresses like Sridevi, Juhi Chawla and Kajol work through their pregnancies. In recent years, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Lisa Haydon have walked the ramp with their baby bumps, setting the bar high for working moms.

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