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Avoid these parenting mistakes to give your baby a healthy environment

Avoid these parenting mistakes to give your baby a healthy environment
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In modern times, planning a family is a task. With the changing world, parents are becoming cautious when planning a baby. They start planning the little things for the baby even before they conceive. They try to figure out everything in advance, from the style of upbringing, their schooling, the luxuries they want to give their child to the finances. Most couples freak out in the process as parenthood is soothing work. It’s about the feelings and emotions behind it.

For the proper physical and cognitive development of a child, parents must treat their baby with love and care. This is the first step towards healthy parenting. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, a baby’s brain grows with every hug, kiss, nutritious meal and game parents play with them.

Before you panic to become a perfect parent, you should note that no parent is perfect. Everyone has their own unique way of parenting. In this process, everyone tends to make mistakes.

Dr. Aruna Kalra, Senior Gynecologist and Obstetrician at CK Birla Hospital, reveals that being a parent is not an easy job but it is the hardest job. Parents make mistakes in the process that are completely normal. But you have to learn from them and never repeat.

Let’s look at some common mistakes new parents make:

Panicked about everything

New parents worry a lot. Sometimes about baby crying, food, sleep cycle and getting trapped in problems. You must calm your senses and take expert advice whenever necessary.

Flood of information overload

Modern parents have a very powerful tool called the Internet. They try to find a solution to each answer through it. In addition, each elder in the family gives their own advice. Access information is confusing. You should always consult a doctor if in doubt.

Not sharing responsibilities equally

Both partners have equal responsibilities in raising the child. While sometimes one parent gets overworked and others become neglectful. This shouldn’t happen. The mother and the father share the tasks equally.

Neglecting your partner

It is good to be attentive to your baby but you should not neglect your spouse. Give them time and attention for love to blossom.

Compare your child to others

This is a common mistake. Your child is different from others and will grow differently depending on genes, nutrition and environmental conditions. You should not compare it to others.

Waking the baby to breastfeed

If your baby is hungry, he will show signs of hunger such as crying or putting a fist in his mouth. Look for these signs, do not wake a sleeping baby to breastfeed.

You must understand that this is not a daily transformation but a gradual process. There are a few things to note in your baby’s early days of development.

Breastfeed the child by keeping him close to you and looking him in the eye while feeding him. It will make them feel loved.

A mild fever with changing weather conditions is common in babies. No need to panic, instead see your pediatrician whenever your baby gets sick.

Stay happy in front of your baby. Even if your mood is bad, do not shout in front of the baby as it creates a negative impact on his mind.

Stay attentive and play regularly with your babies.

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