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Alert taxi driver, hotel receptionist helped crack baby kidnap case in Kottayam hospital

Alert taxi driver, hotel receptionist helped crack baby kidnap case in Kottayam hospital
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Kottayam: Quick thinking and timely action helped quickly resolve the baby abduction case reported by Kottayam Medical College Hospital on Thursday.

The incident also shed light on how informed and responsible citizens could help investigators resolve cases. Alongside Gandhi Nagar’s sub-inspector PS Raneesh and his team, taxi driver Alex Sebastian and the Elizabeth Hotel receptionist also deserve credit for the role they played in preventing the alleged kidnapper from escaping. and reunite the newborn with his mother Aswathi within a few hours of the incident.

The kidnapper, a woman, who was caught by police hours outside the town admitted to cops that she had taken a newborn baby from the hospital ward in an attempt to win her lover back.

Driver Alex

Driver Alex Sebastian was with friends at a nearby taxi rank when two men on bicycles informed them of a missing baby at Medical College Hospital. At the same time, Sebastian received a call from the Floral Park Hotel, asking him to take a guest to Ernakulam. The driver immediately left for the hotel.

Receptionist Elizabeth told Sebastian he needed to drop off a woman, who also has a newborn baby. The mention of the baby made Sebastian suspicious, and he told Elizabeth about a baby who had gone missing from the hospital.

The receptionist passed the information on to the hotel manager, who alerted the police, who intervened and took the woman, Neetu Raj, into custody and returned the baby to her mother.

Early Friday morning, Sebastian flew to Nedumbassery International Airport. He returned to the taxi rank in the afternoon. By then, the news media showed his role in solving the case.

Sebastian returned to a great reception. Even foreigners praised him for his good job. Along with several freebies, friends also gave her a new name, ‘Minnal’ Alex for his lightning-fast action!

Meanwhile, Sebastian’s wife Bincy had also seen the news on TV. She made her husband’s favorite dish, chapati and chicken curry, and gave him a hero’s welcome with their now ecstatic and super proud children, Roshan and Royal.

Sebastian, however, is still so humble. “All of this by the grace of God,” he said.

Receptionist Elisabeth

Elizabeth de Kollamparambil in Gandhi Nagar has been working as a receptionist at the Floral Park Hotel for four years.

The alleged kidnapper, Neethu Raj, had been staying at the hotel for four days and is familiar to Elizabeth. Neethu’s stay did not raise any suspicion since the hospital is located near the University Medical Hospital.

When Elizabeth noticed that Neethu was carrying a baby, which was not with her until this day, she became suspicious. After taxi driver Alex Sebastian told her about a missing newborn baby, Elizabeth became more suspicious and informed her manager.

Back home, Elizabeth broke the news of the kidnapping to her husband Shaijan, but did not reveal her role in resolving the case. He only got to know his role on Friday morning.

Several people, including the hotel’s general manager, called to congratulate Elizabeth. Johnson’s mother, six, Elizabeth said she could relate to the pain of a mother who lost her child.

“I will never forget this day in my life,” she said.

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