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44 babies born from major Kigali hospitals on New Year | The New Times

44 babies born from major Kigali hospitals on New Year | The New Times
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It was a joy for various mothers who gave birth on New Year’s Day and the privilege of 44 babies born on January 1 in public hospitals in the city of Kigali.

New Years Day is a holiday observed in most countries around the world on January 1, the first day of the year in the modern Gregorian calendar.

According to a mini-survey conducted by New times, New Years babies consisted of 14 babies born at Muhima Hospital, 13 at Kibagabaga Hospital and Kacyiru Hospital had 10 babies and three at Kigali University Hospital (CHUK) and four at Kigali University Hospital (CHUK) King Faisal.

Francine Mukantabana, who gave birth to a baby boy at Muhima Hospital, was grateful to have given birth on such a special day.

“My baby was born a few hours after the start of the new year, I had a safe delivery for which I thank God, and he is a blessing for our family and the start of my happiness this year”, a- she declared.

She named her baby Bruce Gisa, and is her second born.

Alexia Uwitonze, the mother of newborn Jonathan Nshongore, was happy to describe her baby as a gift, adding that she had named her baby because of the way he was born in what she called “unexpectedly” .

“I was expecting to deliver January 5-10, but surprisingly, while I was busy posting and wishing my family and friends New Years, the time is right and I rushed here after having spent a night here around 7 am i delivered to my beautiful boy and he is my new year gift ”she said

Uwitonze also added that it is a great joy to hold a baby on this day saying it is a double celebration.

Not all hospitals visited had a celebration for newborns like some did over Christmas due to covid-19 and other various reasons.


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