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23 Disturbing Secrets People Hid Their Whole Lives

23 Disturbing Secrets People Hid Their Whole Lives
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“My uncle had a friend when I was younger who was a very quiet old man named Dicky. … He died when I was in college and he always seemed like a shy, nice old guy. The years go by and sadly my uncle died too, and one night my aunt…said she thinks Dicky killed someone when he was younger.”

“Apparently in the 1950s a horrific murder took place in our town of a high school girl who happened to be a friend of my aunt. The girl who was killed was found on an old country road covered in a bag in burlap…. The murderer was never caught. My aunt claimed she knew Dicky did it. He lived on the road the body was found on, his family were farmers and had access to the bags the body was covered in, and was known to be a loner, creepy guy and had a crush on the girl. … In the days following the murder, Dicky and a few other boys were questioned but cleared of suspicion because they said they were at a bonfire which most of their high school class had been to . But my aunt said she never saw him that night. … I asked her why she had never told the police about it … and she claimed that she had been convinced otherwise by my uncle at the time, implying he must have known Dicky did it and was covering it up.”


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