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10 Quotes That Prove Emily Is A Better Mother Than Lorelai

10 Quotes That Prove Emily Is A Better Mother Than Lorelai
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All along Gilmore girls, viewers can compare Emily and Lorelai’s motherhood choices. While Emily is stiff and strict and struggles to talk to her daughter, Lorelai has struck up a fun friendship with Rory involving movie nights and sharing everything. Fans know Emily loves Lorelai, but it’s hard to say that Emily consistently makes the best decisions.

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But even though Emily has made mistakes, she has moments of good parenting where she proves to fans that she cares about Lorelai. Through some of Emily’s most meaningful lines, she shows that she might even be a more caring mother than Lorelai, as Emily lets Lorelai be who she is while trying to steer her towards happiness.

ten Emily serves pudding for Lorelai

“Yes, but you like pudding.”

Gilmore Girls Pilot Friday Night Dinner

Some of the best Friday night dinners on Gilmore Girls involve friendly banter about food. In the Season 1 episode “Rory’s Birthday Parties”, Lorelai is caught eating pudding for dessert at Emily and Richard’s house. When Lorelai says “But you don’t like pudding”, her mother replies that she put it on the menu because Lorelai enjoys it.

Through this simple act of dessert planning, Emily shows that she’s a better mother than Lorelai as Emily tries to make her daughter happy. Emily wanted to do something nice that Lorelai would appreciate. Lorelai doesn’t often do nice little things for Emily.

9 Emily worries about Rory’s diet

“It’s a serious problem. Those Friday dinners are the only proper food the child eats all week.”

Emily, Richard and Rory with frozen pizza on Gilmore Girls

Fans have pointed out that Rory and Lorelai eat junk food, not vegetables, and their diets seem to be lacking in a lot of nutrients and healthy foods. While viewers definitely noticed it, Emily noticed it too.

With this quote, Emily tells Richard that she’s worried that Rory isn’t eating right, and it’s interesting that Emily is concerned about this since Lorelai doesn’t seem to think about it.

8 Emily wants to have a better conversation

“Can we please talk about something other than food?”

Lorelai, Richard, Rory and Emily having dinner on Friday night on Gilmore Girls

In the Season 6 episode “Driving Miss Gilmore”, Richard says, “They always fight when you serve spaghetti and meatballs.” Rory says they also argue when ordering Chinese takeout and Emily is upset as she wants to change the subject.

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Sometimes Rory and Lorelai seem to go through the motions of Friday night dinner because they don’t always feel like attending. But Emily is still thrilled to see her family, and she would love nothing more than to have a real, meaningful conversation, something Lorelai doesn’t always care about.

seven Emily talks about mashed banana on toast

“I used to do this all the time for you when you were a little girl.”

Emily and Lorelai sitting on the couch in Gilmore Girls

In Season 1, when Lorelai is injured, Emily makes the tea party she always made Lorelai as a child. Although Lorelai has no memory of it, it’s nice that Emily is so attached to it.

Although there have been many great fights on Gilmore Girls, often between Emily and Lorelai, this scene is heartwarming and shows that Emily always did her best to be there for Lorelai, even when they didn’t see each other okay.

6 Emily praises Lorelai’s independence

“You are independent. You support yourself.”

Emily and Lorelai smile at each other on Gilmore Girls

In a special scene from season 7, Emily lets Lorelai know that she thinks she’s independent, strong, and amazing.

It’s something Lorelai never imagined hearing from her mother, and it creates a subtle shift in their relationship. While they still have issues in Netflix’s revival A year in the life, Lorelai knows that her mother thinks highly of her. This is a big problem because Lorelai rarely compliments Emily.

5 Emily explains her parenting style

“I wasn’t taught to be my daughter’s best friend. I did what I thought was best for you. I did what I thought I had to do to protect you.”

Lorelai teaches Emily how to use the computer on Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls fans love Rory and Lorelai because their relationship has nothing to do with Emily and Lorelai’s. But with this quote, Emily shows that she always tried to be there for Lorelai, she just didn’t feel like her efforts were reciprocated.

No matter how much viewers enjoy watching Lorelai and Rory hang out together, it’s true that being best friends has its downsides and sometimes Lorelai might help Rory grow more. Emily is right that being friends isn’t always as important as being a parent.

4 Emily wants Dean to come inside before the dance

“It’s not a drive-in! It’s not fried chicken!”

Dean kisses Rory at the school dance on Gilmore Girls

The episode “Rory’s Dance” is a favorite because so many great things happen: Rory and Dean get closer at the Chilton dance, Emily and Lorelai hook up a bit more, and of course Rory and Dean fall asleep at Miss Patty and are in trouble. .

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Before the night even begins, Dean honks from outside Lorelai’s house and Emily is appalled. Although she’s definitely old fashioned, Emily is right that Dean should walk out the door, say hello, and then he and Rory can go to the dance. Although Lorelai doesn’t mind, Emily knows it’s the right thing to do.

3 Emily clarifies her role in Lorelai and Rory’s lives

“I have the right to pay for it, but I can’t really set foot there. I just want the rules to be clear.”

rory at chilton - gilmore girls

When Rory spends her first day at Chilton, Emily is at the office. Lorelai isn’t thrilled about this, and Emily says this harsh quote that contains some truth.

Emily wants to be a good mother to Lorelai and when Rory starts dating Chilton, Emily thinks she can help by being there for Rory as she adjusts to her new school. Although Lorelai isn’t much interested in Emily’s life or interests, Emily tries to help.

2 Emily tells Lorelai she stayed quiet

“Lorelai, I saw you do a lot of stupid things, and I held my tongue.”

Rory fell asleep with Dean at Miss Patty after the dance while Emily looks disgusted by Gilmore Girls

Sometimes parenting means letting a child make their own mistakes, and with this memorable quote, Emily admits she did it for Lorelai.

As Emily worries that Rory will get pregnant because she stays with Dean too late after the Season 1 dance, and many fans think Emily is overreacting, Emily shows she cares. Lorelai and wants her to be happy.

1 Emily admits Lorelai hurt her

“You took this girl and completely shut us out of your life.”

It’s interesting to think about how Lorelai and Emily’s relationship twists and turns. While fans sympathize that Lorelai feels abandoned by her parents, Emily and Richard believe Lorelai was wrong to leave and have her baby without contacting them.

When Emily shares her true feelings with her daughter, she proves she’s a great mother because she would have preferred to be there for Lorelai and Rory. While Emily and Richard wanted Lorelai and Christopher to marry, it seems like they could have come. Emily regrets the sad situation and it’s heartbreaking to see her explain her emotions.

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